About Us

Sarah Riches & Adam Poot

Adam & Sarah’s Pet Care is a family business owned and operated by Sarah Riches and Adam Poot, serving the downtown Toronto area since 2010. Together we walk dogs and board them in our home.

Before we started our business, Sarah graduated from U of T's Environmental Policy program, and volunteered at the Toronto Humane Society. She has also been a vegetarian for her entire adult life.

When we met, we bonded over dogs; at the time, Adam wasn't working in the industry, but had two rescues, Lexi and Baby, both of whom had issues that he had helped them work through. It was clear he had a knack for training.

Adam officially got involved in 2012, and turned the business from an extremely small one-woman-on-foot enterprise into what it is today. Noticing that our clients could always tell when Adam took them to the offleash park, because they were pooped when they got home, Adam insisted that we invest in a proper vehicle so that we could switch to offleash walks and take the pack to the many big, beautiful parks around the City. He also put his handyman skills to use and landscaped our backyard for our boarders, and did some home renovations to make life better inside for them as well. Just for fun, he sometimes takes our boarders hiking in his favourite spots in Woodbridge and Caledonia, earning him their endless devotion! 

In 2016 we had baby Holly. People often ask us if we plan to expand the business, but we are happy with our small size. We like having a personal connection with our clients, and know that they prefer to have two dedicated caregivers, rather than a revolving door of staff, the way some larger businesses do. We hold ourselves to a high standard, and have built a reputation for our professionalism. We've seen it all, and have helped address basic issues like house and crate training, clicker and obedience training, loose-leash walking, socialization, to more complex issues like fearfulness, separation anxiety, and aggression. The list goes on - we love what we do; our dogs are our family and we really enjoy ourselves every day!