Saturday Country Hikes

Saturdays are an extra-special day for my urban pack members, because we head north for a day of hiking, swimming, and endless games of fetch.

These hikes begin around 11am and take place in wilderness and conservation areas north of the GTA, where we roam forests, meadows, and streams,
far from roads and traffic.

Ideally, your dog should be good off-leash and have reliable recall, but on-leash dogs are welcome to join.

Since safety is of paramount importance, I always travel with my friend and fellow dog-lover Adam Poot, so there are two sets of watchful eyes.
And of course our dog Lexi is there to host!

Your pooch will be dropped off in the early evening, happy, exhausted, and possibly cleaner than before! He or she will be bathed if it's been muddy.

Dogs must be fully vaccinated and protected against fleas and ticks. If you'd like your dog to swim, they must be vaccinated against Leptospirosis.
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