Dog Walks & Extended Walks


Timing - Weekdays between 9.30am - 4.30pm, rain or shine.

  • Regular walk: Approximately an hour at the park, plus travel time. Your dog will be out of the house for about 1.5 hours.
  • Extended walk: Two hours at the park, plus travel time - your dog will be out of the house for a minimum of 3 hours.

First steps - After a meet & greet at your house, you provide us with a key and fob.

Details - Adam or Sarah will pick up your dog in our customized truck and drive to Coronation, High Park, or Cherry Beach. We sometimes also visit Stanley and Earlscourt Parks - all designated, fenced areas.

The parks we visit are very large; we play fetch with our chuck-it and walk around, and practice recall with natural treats. We are adept at reading dog body language and our primary concern is keeping everyone safe.

Our truck is roomy and partitioned; we keep the playful dogs together so they can socialize, and have two separate spaces for calm and old dogs who prefer to relax.

We will leave a note at day's end so you know what your pup got up to. We are also available through text.

Since we are a small company, your pooch will eventually meet all the other dogs in our crew, but will have a few 'besties' that he or she sees almost every day, because they live nearby, get along well, or require a walk at a similar time.

Please tell us when your dog is home alone, and we will ensure that they are out at an appropriate time.

Extended Walks

We offer double walks for those who are interested (usually because they have longer days, or their dog is high energy). This amounts to 2 hours of offleash time (minimum 3 hours out of the house including travel).