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"I feel so grateful and so lucky that I found both of you to care for Hugo here in Toronto. I didn't grow up with dogs, but wanted one for a long time... I was totally lost when I got him, and I don't know what I would have done without all of your training guidance and your patience in answering my questions. More importantly though, I feel lucky beyond belief that I found people I was able to trust so much. I feel like you guys cared for Hugo as if he were your own dog." - Aruna & Hugo

"Wilton’s cartwheels and yelps of happiness when he sees Sarah show that she is favourite person bar none. As a distant runner up, I’d be miffed but for the fact that I can see how much she enjoys her charges. Whether it’s walks during the day, or boarding for extended periods, I know he’s in the best hands. Sarah’s generous with her advice (I’m a first-time dog owner) and is highly accommodating, regularly coming in for walks at short notice. I’ve met several owners at the park who’ve either seen Sarah in action and been highly impressed from afar, or who also have the pleasure of knowing her in person." - Jane & Wilton

"Sarah has become an integral part of our lives. Lexie’s relationship with Sarah started when he was just an 11-week white fluff when Sarah first visited our home to see if it was a good match. Lexie took to Sarah right away and he has since then graduated from puppy visit to big boy mid-day walk. His fluffy tail goes wild every time Sarah comes by and I happen to be home to witness his greeting. I can’t imagine leaving my furry little love to anyone else’s care. Her professionalism, knowledge of puppy training and compassionate care has given me peace of mind since the very beginning! When I leave for work, I am relieved to know that Lexie will get his mid day walk come rain, sunshine or snow. When I come home, I always get a good chuckle reading her notes on his good behavior or mischief that day. Can’t say enough how great Sarah is!" - Tricia & Lexie

"As first-time dog parents, we were especially worried about finding someone we could trust implicitly with our eight-week-old puppy. Enter Sarah. We already knew her to be an excellent cat sitter, but she has also proven herself to be an incredibly trustworthy, reliable and knowledgeable dog walker and sitter. We feel 100% comfortable leaving Parker in her care, and she always comes home happy (and tired)! Now we are worried that she likes Sarah more than us, but it's a good problem to have." - Maureen, Jeremy & Parker Posey

"First and foremost, I don't know what we would do without Sarah! Our pup Olive has seen her since we brought her home, and she has been fantastic. Not only does Sarah walk Olive, but she also makes sure that she behaves well all throughout her walk with the pack. Sarah keeps me up to date on all of Olive's adventures and also makes sure to note if there's anything that we should work on with regards to discipline. Sarah is reliable, honest and more importantly puts your pet's needs first. She has truly helped in making sure Olive is a stable, calm and happy-go-lucky pup. I would not trust anyone else but her!" - Denise & Olive (and now Scotch too)